Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender Essential Oil from Bulgaria

INCI name: Lavandula angustifolia herb oil

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Production method: Steam distilled from the fresh flowers using water from the under ground lake at the base of the mountains where the flowers are grown.

Use: Lavender is by far the most versatile and useful of all the essential oils. With this oil you can safely use it neat on your skin, but this is more appropriate for applying to specific skin problems such as spots, cuts, bites, burns and grazes. It is anti septic so helps to protect the skin from infection, it eases pain and support the skin to heal faster and more effectively. It helps clear tension and can therefore leave you feeling relaxed or revitalised. It has a cleansing quality that makes it useful for skin care.

Scent: Lavender is well known smell but it can vary quite dramatically due to quality and source. This oil is from organic lavender grown in the valley beneath the Balkan mountains in Bulgaria. It has a pleasant, sweet, fresh, floral, herby, fragrance.

Cautions: Dilute in a carrier oil before using on your skin (including in the bath). Can be used neat on the skin for specific conditions (see use section above).

How to use Lavender Essential Oil

Use it neat on your skin for minor cuts, grazes, spots, bites & burns.

To make a bath or body oil, add 4 to 10 drops in 10mls of carrier oil (e.g. almond or olive oil).

Sprinkle a drop or two onto your pillow at night to support a restful sleep.

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