Corporate Wellness Events - by request


Workshops and sessions for business wellness days, team building events and away days.

Designed to suit your specific needs, including:

  • venue or online platform
  • budget
  • length of session
  • themes
  • number of participants

Workshops are practical and aromatic in nature and involve interaction with participants. There is a natural focus on health & wellbeing due to the nature of using essential oils and a simplicity that allows anyone to appreciate how they can use plants and scent to support themselves personally. Participants are always encouraged to share their own experiences in the session, there is no right or wrong, so it is a great way for people to connect and express themselves.

Due to the connection to the senses, these workshops make a great break from screen time and lengthy presentations.


Sessions are usually around £300 depending on the above requirements.

Online sessions start from £150.

Workshops that involve participants making products may incurr an extra cost to cover the ingredients used depending on the number of participants, for example, if each participant makes a perfume to take home, then a further cost of £5/person would be included.

Travel expenses and venue hire may be charged in addition.

This workshop is open to all, and no experience is necessary.

Everything will be provided for participants.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like more details.


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