Scar Care Balm


Bespoke Essential Oil Blend designed especially for helping to care for Scars and Wounds - this oil blend is suitable for use on fresh and aged scars.

Ingredients: (Usually) Rosehip oil, Calendula macerated in Olive Oil, Arnica macerated in Olive Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Rose Otto Essential Oil. This can be tweaked depending on your personal requirements.

How to use your scar care balm:

This balm is specially designed to help scars heal.

Apply to the area in gentle anti-clockwise circles.

If the scar is fresh, and the skin is not yet sealed, then you can begin treatment by applying gently around the wound about 1cm away depending on how sensitive the area is (further away if it’s too uncomfortable). It should not be applied directly at this stage as it can interfere with the healing by stopping the area drying out and a scab forming. Because the balm with its supportive ingredient is absorbed into the skin it is still affective.

When the scar has completely sealed you can begin to apply directly over it. If it is still painful, then apply as close as is comfortable.

For best results, regular application is key, at least once, preferable twice daily and take a moment in your day so there is no rush.

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