Scar Care Balm

Scar Care Balm


Bespoke Essential Oil Blend designed especially for helping to care for Scars and Wounds - this oil blend is suitable for use on fresh and aged scars.

Ingredients: Rosehip oil, Calendula macerated in Olive Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Rose Otto Essential Oil. this can be tweaked depending on your personal requirements.

Directions: Massage in gentle anti-clockwise circles across the scar (assuming it has completely sealed). When the wound is still open you can still apply around the affected area - only if it is not too tender to touch. The skin absorbs the oils so it does not need to be put directly on to the scar for it to benefit.

For best results, I recommend application twice a day and to set aside a moment when you can focus just on supporting yourself.

Consistency is key here and your commitment to using the oil with care will be a huge support.



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