Botanical Alchemy - Natural Skin Care & Aromatherapy Retreat, Somerset


A Natural Skincare and Aromatherapy course set in the absolute beauty and stillness of Upper Vobster Farm in North Somerset.

This weekend will be an opportunity to truly nurture and cherish yourself, supported with nourishing meals, esoteric yoga sessions and complete with your own range of skin care products (made by you!) to take home and continue a deeper level of care and appreciation for yourself.

Hosted by - Laura Hoy (Workshop presenter) with Sue Queenborough offering Esoteric Yoga.

Dates - To be confirmed

Venue - Upper Vobster Farm, Upper Vobster, Radstock, BA3 5SA.


  • Retreat without accomodation - £285 (includes 6 meals)

5 star on-site accommodation options available - see details below.

What's included...

  • Plant to Perfume workshop
  • Botanical Balms workshop
  • Soap Making workshop
  • Natural Face Cream workshop
  • Maceration workshop
  • Morning Esoteric Yoga - the yoga of stillness - group sessions (click here for details on this modality).
  • Nourishing Meals*

You will take home the following organic products all made by you: 10ml roll-on perfume oil, 50g botanical balm, 50g natural face cream, 30g jar of macerated oil & 100g soap bar, inhaler stick.

Details - There is a real beauty that can unfold when you make your own skin care products, whether it's a simple cleanser for your face or your own unique luxury perfume oil. Having an appreciation for the natural ingredients, understanding where they come from and their precious qualities can inspire us to bring a whole new level of cherishing to our everyday skin care rituals. 

In this course you will be introduced to a range of botanical ingredients that we will then use in mixing and making various beauty products for you to take home with you. We will spend some time becoming familiar with a range of essential oils, their incredible scents, as well as their health and wellbeing properties. You will feel confident to choose your own blends, with support, to enrich the already nourishing base products we will put together. 

A full itinerary will be provided closer to the event.

*Meals - Delicious nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner & tea breaks) will be provided.

Dietary requirements can be catered for as long as we are informed in advance. All meals will be freshly prepared, gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar & salt free.

Workshop details:

Plant to Perfume Workshop - make your own unique & completely natural perfume oil, with the finest quality organic essential oils. Experience & learn about the aromatic ingredients, their origins and how they can support health & well-being in this practical, sensual workshop. We will continue to experiment with essential oils throughout the weekend, you can choose to add them to other products we make to support you, your health &/or for their particular scent.

Botanical Balm Workshop - make your own nourishing balm with a range of the finest quality organic botanical ingredients, including essential oils. Discover how they can support a range of health conditions and feel confident to design a product that can support your personal wellbeing.

Soap Making Workshop - discover the joy of making your own soap, learn about the botanical ingredients and take home techniques that you can use to design your own future recipes. During the workshop we will make a batch of soap together for you to take home.

Natural Face Cream Workshop - make your own completely natural, organic face & body cream, without chemical emulsifiers or preservatives, using the finest quality ingredients. We will design the base cream as a group then each individual’s pot of cream can be tweaked with your own personal blend of essential oils to suit your skin care needs.

Mini Maceration Workshop - learn how to capture the fragrance of your favourite flower or to harnice the medicinal qualities of a herb. In this practical workshop you will make and take home your own plant infused oil that can be used as a perfume, in skin care or for health & wellbeing purposes. You'll feel confident to use plants from your garden, from herbal suppliers or even wild foraged to make your own botanical products for use in skin care and for health and wellbeing support.



5 star boutique accommodation is available on site at Upper Vobster Farm - please liaise with Tricia at the venue directly who will arrange your specific accommodation needs. Please note that prices are at a special discounted rate so ensure you mention you are taking part in the weekend retreat. 

Upper Vobster Farm contact details:

​Upper Vobster Farm
Upper Vobster
Somerset BA3 5SA
Call us to Book
+44 (0) 7563 945 237 (Farm Mobile)
+44 (0) 1373 812 166 (Office Hours)
+44 (0) 7971 087 709 (Tricia Mobile)


Deposit - Pay a £85 deposit to confirm your place. Full payment is requested by direct bank transfer at least one month before the retreat begins. Payment may be arranged by instalments -please get in touch to organise this.

The ingredients used will be of the highest quality and organic where possible.

This workshop is open to all, and no experience is necessary.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like more details.

Feedback: "

I just wanted to thank you again for all the organising you did for our weekend.  We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  It was so informative, we felt we learnt a lot about essential oils and it was also great fun to do it together.  Thank you also for arranging the catering which was amazing, the yoga class and also of course for the wonderful facials.  

The accommodation and setting was suberb, in all it was a fabulous, uplifting experience and we all left feeling rejuvenated.  We would have loved to have had more time in those lovely surroundings, in fact our mum has already asked if we can book to go back for her birthday!

Geraldine absolutely loved her gift as did the rest of us so thank you for making it such a wonderful, memorable event."