Hay Fever Blend


A base of cold pressed organic apricot oil usually with organic roman chamomile & lavender essential oil at a 2.5% blend strength - suitable for use on healthy, adult skin.

  • 10ml can come in a roll-on bottle or a dropper bottle.
  • 20ml can come in a dropper bottle or a pipette bottle.
  • inhaler stick (without a base oil - just for breathing in).

Please confirm your preference when placing your order.

Use: Apply a small amount of the blend around the cheeks -under the eyes and close to the nose, making sure you avoid applying too close to the eyes. You can do this each day as part of your daily ritual to avoid avoid or help reactions, and also when you are experiencing them, the roll-on option is useful for carrying in your bag or pocket for use.

Chamomile is great for calming allergic reactions, such as rashes, inflammation and hay fever, it also calms the nervous system which is useful because when suffering from symptoms of hay fever it can make your mood quite irritable, aggravated and upset. Lavender is a great compliment to the chamomile, it is clearing, cleansing and also helps with inflammation, pain & allergic reactions.

Due to the gentle nature of these oils it is suitable for use with children, the blend strength would need to be lower (1%) so please get in touch to request this.


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