Lavender Flower Water


Organic Lavender Water

INCI name: Aqua & Lavandula angustifolia flower oil.

Details: A lavender water made for the purpose of being a lavender water -not just a by-product of making an essential oil. You will know the difference when you smell this! The oil content is much higher so it has a stronger fragrance and this also improves the shelf life, so there is no need for a preservative or alcohol to be added. It is 100% pure lavender water made from organic lavender flowers grown in the Syria.

Use: I love to use it as a toner or tonic after cleansing and before moisturising as it has natural astringent properties, but it is also very useful to spray on your face and body through out the day when you feel hot or stressed -the scent alone helps to melt tension and bring you back to your body.

For full skin care advice watch Claire at The Better Wellbeing System - she talks about every aspect of skin care routines and constantly mentions using tonic whenever you've applied water to your face - find out why this is essential...

Properties: It is cleansing, hydrating, calming, soothing and toning.

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