Zest Myrtle Essential Oil


Zest Myrtle Essential Oil

Zest Myrtle is a new Australian essential oil, released for the first time ever in 2016.

Botanical Name: Backhousia citriodora ‘Variety A’

Country of Origin: Australia                                                                                               

Zest Myrtle is a rainforest tree which naturally occurs in only a couple of areas of south east Queensland. The tree is extremely rare; Zest Myrtle can be found near Gympie and in the Noosa Heads National Park where it grows to a maximum height of 30 metres in the wild.

Ingredients: 100% v/v pure Zest Myrtle essential oil.

Production method: Steam distilled from the leaves of the tree.

Use: A gentle, clearing oil that is useful for clearing chest congestion, chesty coughs, and the respiratory system. It's also very anti-microbial so a useful oil to use in a sick room in a burner or diffuser. It's more gentle than thyme oil so suitable for children and elderly.

Main Actives of Zest Myrtle Essential Oil

Contains laevo-citronellal, iso-pulegol, pulegol, citrals (geranial, neral, cis citral), citronellol.

Scent: Fresh, clearing scent. It is an invigorating essential oil, with an earthy citronella lemon like aroma highlighted by some unique woody notes. Some may also detect traces of pine or rose geranium elements.

Cautions: External use only, dilute in carrier oil before use on skin. Keep out of reach of children.
Do not apply direct to the skin as this may cause skin irritation.
Store away from direct sunlight.
Store below 30 degrees.

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