Neroli Essential Oil (orange blossom)


Neroli Essential Oil (orange blossom)

INCI name: Citrus aurantium flower oil

Country of Origin: Morocco

Production method: Steam distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree.

Use: Calms the nervous system. Very beautiful oil to use to help calm and soothe tension, nerves and stress. Particularly lovely when massaged across the tops of the shoulders, an area of the body that easily becomes tense and hard at times of stress and duress. This oil helps to melt away the hardness and the delicate scent on the tip of your nose brings back a more gentle supportive rhythm to your breathe.

It can be used to support many conditions that arise from the nervous system coming under pressure including sleeplessness, anxiousness and digestive issues.

Due to the gentle nature of this oil it is suitable for use with children.

Note: Please note that 1ml of neroli oil comes in a 5ml container. The oil is extremely precious yet very potent so a tiny amount goes along way.

Scent: A delicate, floral, orangey scent, reminiscent of the bitter orange fruit.

Cautions: Dilute in a carrier oil before using on your skin (including in the bath).


How to use Neroli (orange blossom) Essential Oil

To make a body or bath oil add up to 7 drops in 10mls of carrier oil (e.g. apricot or olive oil).

It feels lovely to massage across the tops of your shoulders, to help melt away the hardness & tension so commonly held in this area.

Always dilute before skin application, gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, & babies over 3 months.

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