Rosehip Oil


Rosehip oil

INCI name: Rosa canina kernal oil.


This is a high quality oil, cold pressed from the hips, unrefined and organic, the oil comes from the tiny seeds inside the hips, and when you consider just how tiny they are, you realise how little oil each hip yields and hence the high cost of rose hip oil.

It has a noticible scent due to not being heat treated which is a process carried out to remove the smell and can also remove precious nutrients from the oil.

How to use rose hip oil: A very effective oil for using on scars if used consistently. If the scar is fresh, you can apply the oil in gentle anti-clockwise circles around the area until the wound is completely sealed, it can then be applied directly across the scar. It can also be used to improve the appearance of skin in general.

Blend for scars - other suitable ingredients for helping to heal scars are Calendula/Marigold oil, rose, lavender and myrrh essential oils. You can order a bespoke blend of these ingredients rather then buying each item individually. Click here for Bespoke Blends.

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