Smell Training Kit


Smell Training Kit:

Contains 4 pots with different scents inside for helping to treat anosmia or loss of smell. The scents are usually from essential oils of:

Rose Geranium,


Clove and


Approximately 1ml of essential oil is dropped into a 30g size amber glass jar, with some paper in the bottom, that soaks the oil up to avoid spilling. The jar has a large neck so it allows you to ensure you're smelling the whole scent of the oil, rather than with a tiny bottle opening which may mean you're missing the scent if you can't detect any smell.

How to Use your Smell Training Kit:

Smell training is extremely simple, make space twice in your day to smell each of the jars separately with absolute focus so as to note any responses, which may be extremely subtle or non existent for some time. This can be a long process, so building the session into your daily ritual is important, and not being disheartened if you don't smell anything for a while, it is recommended that you carry this out for at least 4 months and keep a diary of any changes you may experience so you can keep track of any progress.

Smell training is inspired by and the original scents researched for smell training were from essential oils of rose, lemon, clove and eucalyptus - the current kit I sell includes Lime instead of Lemon, due to a current stock and label situation and 'rose geranium' instead of rose, due to the extreme expense of true rose oil (I only sell pure high quality essential oils from organic sources). You are welcome to choose 4 different essential oils if you prefer, as they are made up to order and the particular scent is not so important.

Click here to view a video from AbScent with full details on Smell Training.

Please add a note when ordering if you prefer a different combination of scents, or get in touch if you need some help to discuss what would suit you personally:

For more information click here to read my blog on Anosmia, Loss of Smell and Smell Training.

You can of course easily make your own you just need 4 amber glass jars, and 4 different essential oils, just add a few drops to each jar and you can refresh the jars after a few weeks of use.

If you are experiencing loss of smell after contracting the covid virus, then this article is very interesting and shares some statistics that will hopefully give you some confidence that your sense of smell will return and that smell training can help:


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