Myrrh Essential Oil


Myrrh Essential Oil

INCI name: Commiphora myrrha oil

Country of origin: Somaliland

Production method: Hydro-distilled in small batches from the oleo gum resin.

Use: Deeply connecting and supports stillness. A powerful oil for use with difficult to heal wounds, including bed sores and and funguating open wounds. It is useful in oral hygiene and care. I often use this oil directly on mouth ulcers and in many skin care products. It's very beautiful to massage into wrist at night as part of a wind down ritual. Gargle with a drop of myrrh in an egg cup of water when suffering from coughs, sore throats, halitosis or laryngitis. It makes a great base note in your favourite perfume. For more details on how to use Myrrh essential oil click here.

Scent: Sublte, earthy, deeply connecting.

Cautions: Do not use in pregnancy. Dilute in a carrier oil before using on your skin (including in the bath). 

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