Corporate Wellness Events - by request


Plant to Perfume - workshops for wellbeing, team building events and away days.

Organisations look to support Wellbeing in a variety of ways so staff and clients can feel and give their best. The use of essential oils is one such support method that has a natural focus on health and wellbeing.

I design practical workshops with just such a natural focus using essential oils to make and take home an aromatic product that can be used to support the participant personally throughout their day for general well-being, or when under pressure or stress: or even if experiencing more specific symptoms.

Participants are offered the opportunity to experience a range of essential oils and plant derived ingredients, learn about their origins and qualities, and share their experiences of fragrances.

These workshops, because of the connection to the senses, make a great break from screen time and lengthy presentations,


Prices start from £300 and are designed to suit your specific requirements, including:

  • venue or online platform
  • budget
  • length of session
  • themes
  • number of participants

Online sessions start from £150.


Everything will be provided for participants.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like more details.


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