Women's Health - Online Aromatherapy Workshop


Online version of a Botanical Perfume and Aromatherapy workshop with a focus on Women's Health and essential oils that support a range of related symptoms.

Date: TBC (book in advance to allow equipment to be posted in time).

Time: 10am - 1pm

Investment: £70


  • 2.5 hour live interactive workshop via zoom (support to use zoom can be offered in advance).
  • 20ml of base oil to blend your essential oils in
  • 2 x 10ml perfume bottles
  • scent strips for smelling the essential oils
  • 6 essential oils:
    • rose 5% blend
    • neroli 5% blend
    • geranium rose
    • lavender
    • frankincense
    • rosemary

When you make your purchase your natural perfume making equipment will be posted out to you and an email will be sent with preparation details and a zoom link for you to join the live, interactive zoom session.

You will need to book in advance to allow enough space for equipment to arrive!

Workshop Details: Make your own unique and completely natural, organic oil perfume, with the finest quality organic essential oils. Experience and learn about the aromatic ingredients, where they come from and how they can support health and well-being in this practical, sensual workshop.

Cases of skin sensitivities seem to be increasing and many perfumes can feel quite harsh to use on your skin, so choosing a more natural, gentle option is part of the inspiration behind this workshop. Despite the array of fragrance options on the market, many people struggle to find a scent that feels true to them.

In this online course you will be introduced to a range of high quality, organic essential oils, experience their incredible scents and discover their effects on health and wellbeing. We will look at the origins of the aromatic ingredients and how they are made into essential oils, giving you an understanding of how precious and potent they can be. You will feel confident to design and make your own unique perfume oil / aromatherapy blend, using the finest quality ingredients.

    Switches to the essential oils can be made if you already have some in the mix or would prefer an alternative, certain oils may incur an additional fee, and they may not be covered during the workshop in consideration of the group.

    Postage will be charged at the check out to cover the cost of sending your oils and equipment.

    This workshop is open to all, and no experience is necessary.

    Everything will be provided for you although you may like to bring your own notebook and a pen to keep personal notes during the session, although workshop notes and full instructions are available here: 

    How to Make Your Own Natural Oil Perfume and Aromatherapy Blend


    Before commencing the live session you will need to fill out a confidential client information and consent form to ensure all ingredients are safe and suitable for your personal needs.

    Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like more details.


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