Botanical Balm Workshop - by request



This workshop can be tailored to you personally, wether it be a beauty balm, a massage balm, lip balm, chest balm, cleansing balm, dry skin balm, it feels amazing and will nurture and nourish your skin to the nth degree!

A balm can range from being soft so that it melts on your skin to massage into your whole body or as a cleansing balm for your face (which is ideal to remove make-up and daily grime). It can be much more solid to use on your lips, or something in between to massage into aching muscles and joints. It could be for taking care of your hands or for rubbing across your chest when you have a cold or cough. It can even be a solid perfume. You can choose what kind of balm we make before or during the workshop.

Essential Oils will be introduced into the workshop so that you can add these to your individual balms as required.

Date: Get in touch to set a new date.

Time: Usually 3 hours are needed but can be flexible (10am - 1pm is ideal with a short tea break).

Venue: Request a workshop at a venue of your choice.

Cost: £45 - Price includes your own natural bespoke balm to take home, using the best quality organic ingredients and with your choice of essential oils.

Ingredients: the balm will generally be made from beeswax, shea butter and a range of carrier oils such as olive oil (click here for more carrier oil options here).

There will also be a short break during the workshop with fragrant tea and healthy snacks provided.

If you can't make a workshop, don't fret just click here to read the notes on the blog for full instructions on how to make your own.


Click here to order your own Bespoke Balm uniquely designed for you. 

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