Myrrh Essential Oil

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Myrrh Essential Oil

INCI name: Commiphora myrrha oil

Country of origin: Somaliland

Production method: Hydro-distilled in small batches from the oleo gum resin.

Use: Deeply connecting and supports stillness. A powerful oil for use with difficult to heal wounds, including bed sores and and funguating open wounds. It is useful in oral hygiene and care. I often use this oil directly on mouth ulcers and in many skin care products. It's very beautiful to massage into wrist at night as part of a wind down ritual. Gargle with a drop of myrrh in an egg cup of water when suffering from coughs, sore throats, halitosis or laryngitis. It makes a great base note in your favourite perfume. For more details on how to use Myrrh essential oil click here.

Scent: Sublte, earthy, deeply connecting.

Cautions: Do not use in pregnancy. Dilute in a carrier oil before using on your skin (including in the bath). 

Sustainability, Community Development and Product Quality: There are many issues around the sale of frankincense essential oil, my suppliers are Boswellness - a family run company involved with their products on all levels so they can guarantee the purity and quality of the product. No third parties or middlemen involved, they go direct to the source. Boswellness has forged relationships with esteemed researchers as well as multi-generation Somali harvesters who are actively establishing innovative methods for sustainable harvesting and plant longevity. They also supply me with Frankincense Essential Oil.

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